RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) is the leading global professional body promoting and enforcing the highest international standards in the valuation, management and development of land, real estate, construction and infrastructure.

RICS’s mission is to protect clients and consumers through rules of conduct and independent advice, and to effect positive change in the built and natural environments.

RICS has entrusted Canopy with ensuring messaging is consistent and on point in various languages across a wide range of formal materials. We understand that in a fast-moving sector, RICS doesn’t have time to chase up pending jobs or correct specific terminology. Having worked in the real estate industry ourselves, we know that they need the very best translations delivered on time, every time.

We also provide RICS with the ability to translate and typeset documents under one roof, meaning that once the document has been typeset by us, it can also be proofed in the same location, speeding up processes and providing an additional layer of quality assurance.

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